RUSSIA-3D ABROAD-3D – The project of Grachev's Lenticular printing Workshop For creating original lenticular art pictures (3D) using lenticular printing technology.

We create the unique collection of lenticular art pictures to show people from all over the world the beauty of Russia in 3D.

Some lenticular art pictures were created after our travelling abroad. They show the beauty of other countries.

On our website you can see an ever-expanding collection of more than 70 lenticular art pictures. All the pictures were created by our company and made on the own production.

The first pictures in our collection appeared in 2007.

How do we do lenticular printing to have high quality? We print an encoded image (= interlaced image) from 36 to 144 angles on an EPSON 11880 Pro printer with original EPSON ink on Premium quality photo paper with subsequent rolling to the lenticular sheet through double-side optically transparent tape.

Our lenticular art pictures are made by using of two technologies:
  We do 3D shooting with step to step moving which is performed with an offset of 36-72 frames with the calculated stereo base. This method of production makes possible to have 100% reality 3D-effect transmission images, up to changes in clouds, water movement, real glare, sun glare, etc. (this is a kind of three-dimensional images time lapse).

Republic of Karelia. Ukshozero lake. Sunset. 3D shooting with step to step moving
(3D + animation)

  We do 2D-3D conversion.We divide the picture into layers and paint all empty places behind the layers so that there are no empty places when the layers are closed. Then we create a depth map for objects and generate a sequence frames from 36 to 72 pictures.
Tallinn. New year. 2D-3D-conversion

Each of these methods has some specific points:

When you do 3D shooting with step to step moving, you must to take into account a lot of factors such as moving of clouds, change of light, moving of people which can be into the frame and many other factors because you need some time to take from 36 to 72 pictures.

2D-3D Conversion is a difficult process. You need to analyze pictures from some different angles to create realistic 3D lenticular picture. Then you need to create a high quality depth map and sometimes make more than 100 layers. All this difficulties make lenticular pictures unique and more difficult than just a taking photo.

There are several thematic sections of lenticular art pictures in our website:

RUSSIA-3D is the main part of our collection, and we are rightfully proud of it. Taking pictures of views and landscapes during our travelling around Russia we wanted to print it in 3D with use lenticular printing technology in order to show you beauty of our country.

Flowers and still lives in 3D-technology are true-to-life

Lenticular art pictures from our abroad travelling: old town of Tallinn, beauty Prague, memorable Amsterdam, drop-dead gorgeous shores of Cyprus and others.

We will be glad if you stay up to date with our art. And we promise to fulfill our collection with amazing lenticular art pictures.

All lenticular art pictures are made to order and in limited quantities.
The all of lenticular art images can be decorated in a wooden baguette from our partner’s collection.

You can see lenticular art pictures on our website or come to our showroom, calling us +7 495 971 4896, +7 926 195 4896.

If you want to order a lenticular art picture from your own photo, we’ll discuss it individually.



   Author's works from our collection are created and produced only in our 3D lenticular workshop.



Professionally engaged in 3D Lenticular advertising (since 2002) and having extensive experience in 3D Lenticular photography for advertising and in creating 3D Lenticular images, we got the idea to show people through 3D Lenticular photography the beauty of the world we live in. Traveling into suburbs of Moscow and the Golden ring of Russia, Russia, and seeing all this amazing beauty, grace, proceeding from the monasteries and temples, and the charm of provincial Russia, we have created a surround 3D Lenticular pictures, photographs that convey a sense of presence, photos, looking on which You will be able, we hope to experience the same positive emotions, to experience the grace of these places, to positive energy that will help You in Your life. All 3D Lenticular pictures are handmade author's works made with love.


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